Not sure how to increase your teams effectiveness?

Want results in weeks, not years?

Is your team struggling with ambiguity and uncertainty?

Are you getting results you need, fast enough?

Teams who are effective Collaborators:

- Are 60% more innovative

- Work 15% Faster

- 56% are more satisfied at work

That's just the beginning!

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NOT just another online course

Want change? Then you need more

Innovation and creativity thrive in a collaborative culture.

Collaboration allows us to connect to each other and achieve a grander vision. Do together, what we can't do alone.

If you're looking to:

- Break silo's, hybrid work doesn't mean you can't collaborate & innovate

- Reduce stress, help your team achieve more by doing less

- Not just retain staff, but ignite their joy and passions so they don't even consider leaving

...then read on! ;o)

"This course is a game changer!"


How we deliver

Tailored to your organisation

Teams learn faster and retain skills longer when we apply the Learn By Doing model.

1. Concepts are applied to current opportunities of challenges your organisation is facing.

2. Your team learn how to adapt the concepts to their work immediately, from day 1.

3. They are supported and challenged via interactive LIVE expert facilitated, group coaching sessions.

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Learn by Doing

Collaborative Learning Model

  • Inspire

    Teams get inspired with evidence based concepts and content

  • Integrate

    Align concepts, to what is relevant, to your team. Identify the major blockers and opportunities for collaboration.

  • Implement

    Start using new tools and frameworks supported by LIVE coaching sessions to learn from each other and accelerate skills

"This course opens your mind to another way of thinking."


Course Outline

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This is for you if you......

  • lack the time to deliver the 'how' behind creating the conditions for effective collaboration

  • recognise the talent of your team and you want to support to help them work together effectively and solve problems faster

  • want to keep your team engaged and improve staff retention

  • want a sustainable advantage over competitors

  • need to help your team find relief from the stress that comes with uncertainty and change

  • want to bring deeper purpose and connection to the work you deliver

  • need to embed collaboration into your workplace culture and drive results

  • want to unite your team and stop departments acting on their own

  • have reason to improve trust, transparency, teamwork and achievement

  • want to accelerate collaboration capabilities among your teams via practical tools that can be used at any level, by anyone

  • have a group of 8 or more team members who you would like to drive a collaborative culture in your organisation

  • The word yes on a brick wall

    "Innovative, interactive and practical."


    This course isn't for you if you .....

  • need to tick a box to be seen as collaborative

  • are an individual team member or leader who wants to upskill. Unfortunately, this is an inhouse program run within organisations so it is not open to the public for individuals, YET!

  • are resistant to changing the way you work or trying new tools despite the benefits

  • professional facilitators and consultants. This course aims to directly impact change within organisations

  • organisations with less than 20 employees or only have contract staff
  • Sign reading NO on a brick wall

    What participants are saying

    about The Collaboration Project Course

    • "I would describe this course as a game changer, I have attended many courses and very few are game changers!! I started immediately to implement changes within the team and this was very well received. I have never been on a course where the facilitator checks in and acknowledges the emotional input of all involved. This one will walk the rest of my journey with me :)" Teri

    • "A really good innovative way to look at meetings and collaboration moving forward particualarly in a future with on line meetings." Dawn

    • "This course opens your mind to another way of thinking, it has provided opportunity for us to connect as a broader team and we've taken away some powerful conversations had as groups from this course." Shaneen

    • "This course is thought provoking and helps you find new ways to engage with others." Deb

    • "This course is about understanding safe working environments and learn ways to have equal communication and embrace the challenges of collaboration." Caroline

    • "Innovative, interactive and practical." Sherri

    Your Guide

    A bit about your course guide

    Chief Empowerment Officer, Liv By Design

    Olivia O'Connor

    Liv has a passion for bringing a sense of joy, accomplishment and purpose to peoples work.

    Too often we see organisations not fully utilising the strengths and ideas of their people.

    This means that opportunities remain lost and people become quietly desperate to do more and contribute more but are not given the platform to do so.

    Let's change that. Join Olivia on her journey to reimagining the workplace.

    Liv By Design: Partnering with...

    (and many, many more)

    What participants are saying

    about Liv

    • "Liv creates a safe environment for all, facilitation style is warm, clear and concise. Liv has the ability to read the room and recognise when a check in with someone may be needed or extra encouragement to participate." Shaneen

    • "It is so hard to describe what you have not experienced before, Liv really puts herself on the line and gives so much of herself I am truly empowered to face the ongoing challenges, knowing that Liv has had experiences both good and not, and cares enough to equip others with the tools to deal with the same." Teri

    • "Liv has a relaxed and welcoming presentation style that is supportive and encouraging of all contributions." Trudi

    • "Liv is Collaborative and the impact this had was strong group participation with successful outcomes." Sherri

    • "Liv made us feel safe and was warm and welcoming, not to complicated to understand and made easy tips to help us carry on using in our organisation." Caroline

    • "Liv was great and allowed us to express without judgement." Francis


    Pip Brennan

    Former CEO, Advocate and Author

    For Olivia, this work is not just about turning up and doing a great job, although she absolutely does that, but it's all also a mission for her - its about creating a better society.

    A heart-based, competent consultant, what more could you ask for?

    Debbie Childs


    Olivia brings an authentic and empathetic approach to her coaching and workshops which allows everyone to fully participate and engage.

    This practical approach allows for all voices to be heard in seeking solutions.

    Olivia is a delight to work with!


    • What does the course include?

      The learn By Design experience is about learning by doing. The concepts are used to identify the areas opportunity. We adapt the concepts then roll up our sleeves and apply them.

      Groups run on a set calendar, with fixed start and end dates that are agreed to with your organisation.

      Course content can be consumed at a time and place suitable to participants.

      Each module must be completed before the LIVE interactive session.

      Content consist of interactive videos, articles, activities but the LIVE coaching sessions are designed to take your learning into the 'real world'.

      It is the application of the concepts that allows teams to power up and accelerate change in their workplace.

    • What is the timeframe for each course?

      There are 6 modules for completion. These modules can be completed over a 6 week period or a 12 week period.

    • How many people are in each cohort?

      Each cohort should be no more than 8-12 people. This allows for interactive learning and group cohesion.

    • What do I need to bring to the interactive sessions?

      An open and curious mind.

      To make the most out of the interactive sessions participants should have watched the videos and completed the quick exercises before each session.

    • What happens in the live sessions?

      The live sessions are inclusive, collaborative and thought provoking. These are working sessions where everyone contributes to discussion.

      We use online collaborative software that ensures all conversations are captured and clear outcomes are documented.

    • Can I join this course as an individual?

      At the moment Liv is running this course through organisations and is not available publicly. If you would like to register your interest for a public course for individuals, reach out and let us know!

    • What happens if I can't complete the course?

      If for some reason you cannot complete the course we can discuss alternative arrangements with you and your employer.

    • What should we expect by the end of the course?

      Participants will feel energised. More connected and more confident than when they begun the course.

      Teams will have the tools and resources to continue building their collaborative skills.

      An ideas roadmap and a 90 day plan is delivered to the organisation at the completion of the course.